I love inspiring others to get in touch with their own creative self and ‘rewild’ from the inside out within the creative process.


Facilitating unique women’s workshops is my passion, inspiring others to dig deep within and to manifest their own work in my workshops makes me happy.
Working with women from all over the world and watching them grow and come out of their shells is an inspiration and a learning process for me too.

I am a fiber artist working in nature, on site to produce work that I allow to go back to nature once the creative process is complete.

I have been facilitating workshops in various forms for many years including working with communities in areas of need in South Africa.
I have also hosted many on site, live workshops in my studio.

I enjoyed completing numerous art courses and many specialised creative teaching training courses over the years, and have designed my own unique fearless approach that I share with you.

I recently participated in three of the advanced student courses with the founder of ASTAR Lindy Solomon ( Awakening Spirit Through Art ).


I am a landscape oil painter, working very closely with Nature to capture my plein air, impasto style oil paintings. I believe that the creative Zone is sacred.

I would like the people who see my paintings to be moved to a place deep within themselves where they feel their own connection to Nature on a very primal level, and feel a deep love for Mother Nature.

I live and work in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus, South Africa.

I exhibit my work at Barbara Lindop’s gallery, Intethe, in Hermanus.

I am available for commissions and I send my work all over the world.