Hi, I’m Gillian.

I have been facilitating workshops for many years and now offering my “Wild Woman Workshops,” live online to you sharing the fearless approach.

We work with a new secret theme every week.


TIME: Every Wednesday @ 14:00 – 16:00, South African time, (GMT+2)


PRICE: R200, Euro 12-, or $13


TIME: Pick a time and day that suits you for a one-on-one workshop

PLACE: Live on Zoom

PRICE: Contact me for price options

‘Drawing with Confidence’
Private Workshops

TIME: Pick a time and day that suits you for a one-on-one workshops.

The fearless approach.

PLACE: Live on Zoom

PRICE: Contact me for price options

Creative Writing Workshops
The fearless approach.

The creative writing workshops are so much more than just the written word, we create, we dream, we manifest and create authentic work.

Each workshop has a secret theme that will only be revealed to you once the workshop starts, to inspire your maximum spontaneous creativity.

Every workshop is a unique experience. We learn to unravel the story.

This is a gentle writing workshop, with a facilitated, guided journey, allowing your imagination to be stimulated from the inside out.

We work spontaneously and stretch your creative muscle with writing exercises and free consciousness writing so that you can tap into the zone and express yourself with words and poems in the comfort of your own home.

Drawing with Confidence Workshops
The fearless approach

Let me open you up to a new way of seeing the world around us.

Let us work with the fearless approach to stretch and strengthen your creative muscles.

Working with stimulating drawing exercises I work with beginners or professionals to guide you out of your comfort zone to explore with courage.

We open up our unique imaginations.

We learn to use our gift.

Workshop Testimonials

And what a beautiful journey it was.
Robyne Chadwick

So wonderful to have experienced one of your workshops!! I can highly recommend to anyone as a deeply soothing cathartic guided exploration into your creative subconscious. Thank you Gillian. Elaine Skinner

What an amazing time it was. Such an eye- opening wow morning! Thank you so much Gillian! ♥️♥️
Amelda Grieve

Thanks again Gillian Hahn for your creative guidance……a heartfelt space in which to explore ❤
Kim Filby

Thank you for facilitating such a magical creative journey in a very safe space. Cannot wait for the next one xxx.
Sammy van Rooyen.

Thanks you for a wonderful workshop Gillian! 
Ann Mapham

So worth making the time. It’s made my weeks have more clarity in theses strange times. Thanks Gillian.
Laura Leigh Dowling, U.K.

Highly recommended.
Sammy Saunders

I can’t wait for the next circle. Charmaine Beukes

Connecting to creativity and wild woman within workshop and is so much fun you’d love it xxx.
Jozi Sullivan

Many thanks for holding space to let our inner children out to play with the elements! 🔥 💦 🌳 🌩️🌀🌈
Mala Laith

Absolutely enjoyed my recent time with you Gillian,thank you,truly touching the core 💜
Beatrice Pook

Wanted to thank you for helping me on my journey. I hold some of those pieces of peace dearly each day.
Noreen, U.S.A

These workshops have been one of my really good lockdown experiences. A delight to join these circles. Very gentle, I recommend them.
Maria Serrano, Finland

So so so marvelous✨🤩👏🌈💞 well done everyone, and well done Sis for making it happen!🌀🍳🌐 Love.
Hannah Glanvill

Thank you Gilly. I surprised myself!! The juices flowed. Best present ever.
Penny Wieferring

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Gillian.
Sue Ludeke van Tonder, Canada

A beautiful experience that Gillian offers that everyone should feel. 🌈💗
Paddy Wallington

Thank you Gillian Hahn. A wonderful experience and loved your workshop. xx.
Deborah Brown

Loooooooove ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈Emma Dainton

Highly recommended, such a great opportunity to invest a little bit into ourselves.
Caroline Gabb

Loved the workshop last week Gillian and I can not wait until Wednesday, when I’ll be joining again. Such a lovely breakaway and some time to myself ❤️ Thank you.
Jessica Love

What a fabulous expressive experience ❤️ Thnx Gillian for a wonderful journey.
Karen Dickens

I can highly recommend this workshop! Thank Gillian Hahn for a stunning day!
Celine Walters

Wonderful experience!!!
Debbie Greef Van Vuren

Love it and highly recommended